Cox Store in Las Vegas is Now Offering the Fastest Internet in Town

Finding A Reliable Cable in Las Vegas, Nevada
When it comes to locating a cable company in the Las Vegas area Cox tops the rest. Providing people with optimum services at reasonable rates. They assist customers with receiving an internet connection, cable television service, or getting telephone installation. Depending on the service in which you are seeking they have special offers and bundles. Such as their “Cox Gold Bundle with Phone”.

Which Includes:
* Free HD receiver rental
* Free professional installation
* Showtime
* Home Box Office
* Starz
* Cinemax

This amazing bundling package is available at one low price. You’ll find numerous others as well. Most of which come with a yearly contract.

Television Features Offered by Cox
By signing up with a Cox cable company you will have access to hundreds of TV channels. You can also watch your favorite shows and movies from any room of the house. Which is made with special apps stored in digital devices that you have. For a low monthly rate they’ll set up an HD-DVR TV receiver in your home. Giving customers the convenience of recording various television shows. Just imagine having the ability to watch previously recorded programs whenever you feel like it. One of the advantages with a DVR is being able to rewind programs. Not to mention having the ability to pause it whenever you leave the room. For those with a love of sports there is a package that you are sure to enjoy. It features all sorts of events and games.

Such As:
* Fishing
* Baseball
* Football
* Soccer
* Ice hockey

These are just a few of the sporting events covered through the Cox sports package. Depending on what types of sports interest you, they have several options to choose from. For instance, if you like all outdoor activities, there’s a “Sports & Info Pak”. They also have the MLS Direct Kick for soccer enthusiasts and an MLB Extra Innings package. Which features the most important major league baseball teams. Perhaps football is your preferred sport to watch, in that case the NFL RedZone Pak is just what you need. Perhaps you’ve children who enjoy watching ice hockey, if that’s the case, try the Cox NHL Center Ice Pak. Another popular package they have to offer is the NBA League Pass. Providing basketball fans up to forty out of market NBA games per week.

Cox High Speed Internet Service
For those who only need internet service, Cox has some amazing deals in which to offer their customers. They have four packages to choose from.

Internet Packages:
* Cox internet starter – With a twenty-five percent savings for a twelve month plan. This particular package is ideal for those with two internet devices.
* Cox internet essential – Offered at a savings of thirty-seven percent, this package is suitable for up to five devices. With a speed perfect for those who do the occasional web browsing.
* Cox internet preferred 100 – It is perfect for those hardcore gamers and web surfers. At twenty-eight percent off of the regular price.
* Cox internet ultimate – Just like its name suggests, this is the ultimate package to have. Considered to be the highest speed internet which is equipped to handle over nine devices. Ideal for those who’ve a need to manage large files.

With prices suited to fit everyone’s personal budget, making it possible for anybody to receive services.

Additional Information About Cox Cable and Internet
Cox also has optimum customer support and access to educational tools. Their online website offers support videos in order for you to have a thorough understanding of all products and devices. There is also a page that assists you with setting up the DVR device. Walking customers step by step with instructions on how to get it running properly. For those who want to receive services that live in Nevada, the address is, Cox Authorized Retailer in Las Vegas Located at 6115 W Flamingo Rd Las Vegas NV. Or you can Call: 702-367-1173 and talk to a live ad visor. Customers outside of the area have the ability to find a nearby location online at Las Vegas Cox Store near me. As well as by going to Active Cox in Store today.

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